Inov8 Trailroc 245

Brand: Inov8
Where to get: Bivouac, Torpedo 7, Shoe Clinc, 
Frontrunner, and many other outdoor store
Typical Retail price: $154 NZD


The TrailRoc 245 is a designed as a trail training shoe with a bit more room to move.  It is lightweight for a training shoe, reasonably durable and still performs well in a variety of conditions. I have found this shoe to be best suited to 2-3 hour training runs. Note: You can still buy the trailroc line of Inov8’s but this range has not been continued in 2016, the most similar shoe I could compare it to would be the terraclaw range.

Function: 4/5

Designed as a training shoe, this is exactly what I used it for. It has a bit more cushioning than the Roclites and quite a unique tread pattern.  It is light weight with lots of grip. They are not great for the road, and your feet take a bit of a pounding on the pavement. They seem to repel mud and remain grippy on slippery trails, even when clogged a bit.

Comfort: 2/5

These shoes have quite a big toe box, i.e. lots of space for your toes. A bigger toe box is something that has been touted as great for training as opposed to racing where you want a nice tight fit. I remain sceptical however, and I didn’t like the wide toe box. There were great for trails, but off track they were not ideal, largely due to the wide toes! the thin soles mean that on hard ground there is a bit of load not absorbed by the shock of impact.

Durability: 3/5

The low profile soles on these shoes are joined with a light mesh side and upper, which saves on weight but can wear quite easily. Ironically with the wide toe box this is exactly where the shoes start to wear. The plastic lace reinforcing is a particular weak point again, common among certain types of Inov8 shoes.

Appearance: 3/5

I quite like the combination of blue and yellow on these shoes, they seem to go well together. However, the overall look of the shoe I find looks a little strange. They are quite square and don’t look all that racy, which isn’t bad for a training shoe.

Cost: 5/5

As far as shoes go this are middle range price wise. Inov8 shoes are not known for being super robust so are generally priced accordingly.  At around $150 they are a good training shoe.

Overall Rating:


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